Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Hello and welcome to my new blog detailing the build of my Cosplay costume of a Uruk-hai carrying the Hobbit Pippin from a scene in 'The Two Towers' of The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
In this particular scene the Uruk-hai is carrying the Hobbit Pippin on his back in a 'Piggy Back' style. This will involve my own legs being the legs of the Uruk-hai with my arms, shoulders and head as Pippins. I shall be building a false torso, arms and head for the Uruk-hai and a false body and legs for Pippin clinging to his back.
I'm putting a speaker inside the Uruks head saying various lines from the movie, with additional words which a friend of mine will voice all connected to an mp3 player. This will enable me, as Pippin, to have a conversation with him, just a bit of fun. I’m also trying to decide whether to have his head move side to side. Will see when the times comes.
This is a picture to the scene from the movie. (its not very clear but the best still I could do).

I am usually busying myself making one thing or another and thought I will spend a good amount of time creating this costume over the next 12 months. The build will be done bit by bit, whenever I find the time to fit it into my other projects and when I source the materials. Here is a couple of pictures of a Uruk-hai
I shall be building the builk of the costume from fibreglass and to create a form to lay the glassfibre on I shall be using an aluminium modelling mesh. This comes as a roll and can be bought quite cheap on ebay. It is plyable and can be moulded to whatever shape you like. It can also be cut with normal household scissors and bound together with cable ties or wire.
I ordered one roll to see how I got on using this material and managed to make a rough torso shape and one arm of the Uruk-hai before running out. The mesh is so good I shall be ordering some more as soon as I can.
So, so far so good, and can't wait to continue...

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